Ron Gastrobar

Positioning a unique person in the culinary landscape of the Netherlands.

In the world of top restaurants, a stage is often created for culinary art. The chef and his creations take center stage. The surrounding experience must be perfect. This approach, while admirable in its pursuit of perfection, quickly feels distant.

Ron Gastrobar initially also swam with this current. Until he opted for a radically different approach. He gave back his Michelin stars and started Ron Gastrobar. This time not all attention is paid to the food, but to the guests. No fuss, but a warm home where excellent food and fun go hand in hand.

In terms of brand strategy, he steps out of the red ocean, full of Creator archetype brands, into a blue ocean as a Caregiver. At Ron Gastrobar, eating out is not a ceremony for the greater honor and glory of the chef, but a party where every guest feels valued and cared for. It’s his and her night.

Small dishes, huppakee, no bullshit, good food, nice music, good service.

This makes Ron Gastrobar not only a culinary destination, but also a warm, inviting experience accessible to anyone who appreciates true hospitality.

Ten years later it is still a party. How do you celebrate that, when every day is already a party? With an anniversary book that focuses on the guests. It was an honor and pleasure to produce and design this book, including fifteen photo shoots.


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