Our partners

Our partners

You don’t have success alone. That partly depends on the people and companies we surround ourselves with. Our partners provide us with knowledge, production power or software solutions. We provide our specialist knowledge, concepts and creativity in return.

We are also part of interesting networking clubs.


IFRS Foundation / Sustainability Alliance

The IFRS Foundation develops global financial reporting standards, including IFRS and sustainability standards, to promote transparency and consistency in financial reporting. Due to her involvement in reporting, Mattmo has been involved for several years in IIRC the International Integrated Reporting Council, which has been incorporated into IFRS. As part of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance, we closely monitor developments in sustainability standards, integrated reporting and integrated thinking. Within this community we meet with diverse members, including companies, investors, universities and professional service providers, who are committed to improving corporate reporting and integrating sustainability into capital markets.

BNO Professional Organization of Dutch Designers

Monique Mulder is a member of the BNO in a personal capacity.


The largest network of companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.
The ORAM has been committed to a strong entrepreneurial and business climate for more than 100 years.

Annual Report Network

For our work with Annual Reports, we rely on a number of platforms that enable us and our clients to work fantastically together and create wonderful projects.


ATC offers extensive knowledge and experience in financial and sustainability reporting, process optimization and automation of financial, data and reporting systems.

By linking the Workiva platform to internal source systems, ATC helps to organize recurring reports efficiently.

ATC is Workiva implementation partner. In the collaboration between ATC and Mattmo, both parties contribute their extensive knowledge to help their joint customers.


Workiva offers a unique cloud platform for corporate reporting, ESG, audit and risk. It offers the solution for companies that want to streamline and improve their reporting processes. Teams can easily collaborate on financial reports, compliance documents and more in the cloud-based platform.
Mattmo takes care of the necessary style sheets and layout so that reports are displayed entirely in accordance with the corporate identity. In addition, our certified designers ensure the input of all desired graphic elements – infographics, photos and graphs and inserts – so that publications better meet the wishes of stakeholders.

Workiva integrates seamlessly with existing systems, automatically updating data and reducing errors. The user-friendly interface and robust security features ensure that your data is always safe and accessible. In addition, Workiva supports compliance with regulations such as SOX and ESEF, ensuring that your reports always comply with standards.


Tangelo Software offers companies worldwide a platform for efficient production of annual reports. It offers content and version control, collaboration, and data integration. Teams can work on documents together, with automatic updates of financial data.

The creative concepts developed by Mattmo are translated into templates and style options that result in professional, consistent publications. Various formats such as PDF, XHTML and inline XBRL for ESEF and CSRD are fully supported. Our designers can immediately assist with the tool and support production.


Coosto is a social media management platform that helps you manage, analyze and engage your online target groups and stakeholders. For the effective management of social media campaigns set up by Mattmo, we gratefully use functionalities such as social media monitoring, analyzes of trends and sentiment and options for automated interaction. By providing insight into online conversations about your brand or product, you can develop strategies to improve your reputation, strengthen customer relationships and optimize marketing campaigns.


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