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What are you interested in? Branding ESG & CSRD Annual Reports


Brand Audit

Evaluation of the current brand status
A thorough assessment of all existing brand assets and marketing materials to ensure they convey a relevant, unified and credible value proposition.

Customer perception research
Investigating how customers and the wider public perceive the brand’s value proposition and whether it is considered relevant, authentic and credible.

Value proposition improvement
Proposals for improvements to strengthen the value proposition, with a focus on relevance, clarity and credibility, based on the above points.

Brand identity

Brand archetype
Defining and integrating a specific brand archetype that serves as the foundation for all brand communications and strategies, giving the brand a unique and consistent character that can be easily recognized and trusted by the target group.

The process of coming up with a powerful and catchy name that resonates with the chosen brand archetype, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the target audience.

Logo and corporate identity development
Mattmo develops strategy and visual identity in an integrated process. Designers and strategists work closely together and inspire each other. The translation of strategy into visual language is a specialty, where every visual choice – from formality to visual tone – fits seamlessly with the brand archetype. The visual identity includes logo, color, typography, design language, photography and illustrations that together form one recognizable whole. This visual identity is recorded in a brand book to ensure consistency. This includes:

  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity guidelines
  • Elaborations for printing, online, signing, etc.

Brand Identity Refresh
To strengthen existing brand identity, improve connections with a changing audience, and rejuvenate overall brand perception, while maintaining the brand’s core values ​​and attributes.

Digital Brand Assets

Website design
Developing a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functionally reflects the brand’s values ​​and archetype, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Social media profiles
Setting up and designing social media channels that are consistent with the brand identity.

Digital Marketing Campaigns
Design and execute digital campaigns that strengthen the brand’s value proposition while responding to stakeholder needs and interests.

Brand strategy

Brand positioning
Strategically positioning the brand in the market to acquire a unique position that matches a relevant, unambiguous and credible value proposition.

Brand mission and vision
Formulate the long-term objectives and purpose of the brand, focusing on strengthening the authenticity and credibility of the value proposition.

Value proposition development
Carefully defining a value proposition that is not only relevant and distinctive, but also consistent and credible across the board.

Development of brand assets

Resources in the customer journey
Designing all possible communication tools that the target group encounters on the customer journey.

Technology, design, content for websites, socials, applications, motion graphics.

Magazines, brochures, books, infographics, furnishings, exhibition stands, events, corporate identity set, packaging.

(Digital) marketing campaigns
designing and executing digital campaigns that strengthen the brand’s value proposition, while responding to stakeholder needs and interests.

Brand communication

Brand messaging
Formulating clear and consistent messages that convincingly convey the brand’s core values ​​and value proposition, in such a way that they resonate with the target group and confirm the credibility of the brand.

Storytelling and compass
Effective storytelling based on a tailor-made storytelling compass, as a steering tool for clear communication to all stakeholders with strengthening of positioning and profiling.

Content strategy and creation
Design and implement a content calendar aligned with the brand’s marketing objectives. This includes using the various resources and creating various types of content, such as blog posts, white papers, case studies and videos that are intended to share the brand story and strengthen engagement with the target group.


Design ESG reporting

In collaboration with Workiva and ATC, we design reports that not only meet ESG requirements, but also clearly and convincingly present the company’s sustainability efforts.

Sustainability communication

Creating a compelling sustainability vision or communication strategy that increases the involvement of all stakeholders and shows how sustainability values ​​are integrated and lived within the organization.

CSRD compliance

With our expertise in ESG reporting, we ensure that you comply with all CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) regulations in 7 steps, resulting in thorough reports that meet the latest standards.

Impact value proposition development

Defining and refining a value proposition that clearly links impact and growth, supported by concrete examples and evidence of successes.

Internal impact communication

Developing and implementing communication strategies within the organization to effectively communicate the impact of sustainability initiatives and involve employees in the ESG objectives.

Annual reports

One stop shop for annual reports

A complete solution for the creation of annual reports. From the initial advice, content creation to project management, with the aim of a clear and impactful annual report.

Software integration

Integration of major platforms to simplify the process of creating annual reports, saving time and reducing errors.

Graphic design of annual reports

Design visually appealing annual reports that are consistent with the brand identity and effectively communicate the company’s key information and achievements.

Our process

  1. Advice and guidance
    We advise and guide you on the desired content and form of your annual report based on our step-by-step plan.
  2. Content development
    We collect and develop the content for this annual report.
  3. Design and communication
    We determine the communications for your annual report, take care of the design and communicate this report through your own and other desired media channels.
  4. Evaluation and coordination
    We always evaluate what went well and what could be improved.

Mattmo’s vijf principes van goed werk


What we create must be relevant to you and your stakeholders.


It must be convincing.


It must be credible, so it must match your profile.


It must be measured, less is usually more, especially given the amount of information coming our way.


The design must be contextually appropriate, or determine the context itself

With this clear and structured approach we help you take your brand, ESG communication and annual reports to a higher level.


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