Annual report design and project management

Strong visual stories highlight PostNL’s results and strategy from a new angle. In Mattmo, PostNL found a strong partner for strategic advice, concept, design, publication tool, and realization.

Mattmo produced the report for PostNL 5 years in a row

The collaboration includes strategic advice, concept, design, a technical platform and realization. The online reports for 2014 and 2015 offer an optimal experience on smartphone, tablet and desktop and are enriched with multimedia: specially shot photography, films, animations, clear infographics, interactive graphs and catchy short copy. The reports are full of specially shot photography, films, beautiful animations, clear infographics and interactive graphs.

Strong visual stories highlight PostNL’s results and strategy from a new angle: PostNL makes your life easier. The GRI4 reports of the listed PostNL were created with ART, the Advanced Reporting Tool, developed in-house by Mattmo. For the 2016 annual report, PostNL opted for a beautifully designed PDF, rich in infographics and photography, combined with storytelling on their website. View the 2016 annual report.

A set of interactive graphs allows comparison of all results over several years.

Strong visual stories put PostNL’s strategy and results in context: they show the role and impact of the company on our daily lives. The stories are told with beautiful photography, beautiful animations, clear infographics and catchy short copy. Links invite you to read more about the topics highlighted deeper in the report. And from the report you can easily navigate back to the story.

A multitude of media and online functionalities have been used to make the report functional, attractive and accessible. For example, the message from CEO Herna Verhagen is contained in 3 inspiring short films about the strategy, culture and people of the company. CFO Jan Bos expresses the company’s core results in a short, attractive video. The videos can be immediately shared via social media: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. An interactive glossary provides immediate explanation of the concepts used. Clear, beautifully designed infographics make the content of the report clear and attractively readable.

PostNL focuses on all stakeholders, showing that they are future-proof, a solid partner, and contribute to our daily lives.

Our annual report concept for PostNL was developed over three years. It offered PostNL the opportunity to show that they are here to stay and are a force to be reckoned with. The rich media content puts their strategy and results in context for all stakeholders. Working with ART has enabled the company to combine production and financial content with attractive and appealing design.