Basic-Fit is the 'value-for-money' fitness brand.

Since 2017, Mattmo Creative has been the creative partner and producer for the annual reports of Basic-Fit, the ‘value-for-money’ fitness brand with more than 1,500 clubs and 4 million members in Europe.

In line with Basic-Fit’s corporate identity, the mission ‘make fitness available to everyone in Europe’ is brought to life with clear tables, graphs and infographics. Various infographics for, among other things, the value creation model, impact and sustainability are combined with more readable tables, an upgrade of the typography and space for ‘short copy’ and sections for storytelling.

The content of is collected on the platform of our valued partner Tangelo, allowing changes to be implemented and reviewed quickly, resulting in a consistent report. This way, the data integrity and the report meets all requirements and the ESEF version can also be easily created.


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