Fagron Annual Report 2023

Actualiseren van het Jaarverslag


Fagron faced the challenge of updating its annual report in preparation for CSRD, migrating from a portrait to a landscape format without losing its recognizable brand identity. The newly selected CMS from Tangelo required customized templates. Additionally, there was a need for better clarity in the infographics and optimization of the report’s navigation. This required a careful approach to ensure both visual appeal and user-friendliness.


Mattmo adopted a holistic approach to address these challenges. First, Fagron’s brand identity was thoroughly analyzed, and then a landscape format design optimized for online use was created. Clear instructions were shared with the tool provider, and the design was implemented in the CMS.
Special attention was given to the infographics, which were redesigned for clarity. Now, the value chain and value creation model are presented more clearly. An intuitive navigation structure was developed, enabling users to easily browse the report and quickly find the desired information.


The revamped annual report of Fagron, supported by Mattmo, is not only more visually appealing but also more user-friendly. The migration to the landscape format was successfully executed while retaining the core brand identity. The improved infographics provide a clearer and more attractive presentation of the models, and the optimized navigation offers users a smooth reading experience. As a result, Fagron has an annual report that meets the highest standards in both functionality and aesthetics.


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