Kenniscentrum ongelijkheid (Knowledge Center Inequality)

We like to encourage positive social impact

With a clear strategy, groundbreaking concept, strong typography and a single signal color, Mattmo positions the Inequality Knowledge Center as a connector and disrupter. As a result, we have managed to build a brand that is seen outside its own bubble.

It is easy to think that the brand’s emphasis is both in the scientific domain and in the neighborhoods where residents are served. But it is the policymakers outside this bubble who must make the difference.

Share scientific insights

Research results demonstrate inequality that has never been recognized before. By sharing these scientific insights with policymakers in an inspiring way, the center has the impact it wants to have.


If you want to challenge conventional thoughts, routines and assumptions, it helps if you are a strong brand.

You build a strong brand by making clear choices about what the brand is and is not. In the case of the Inequality Knowledge Center, the positive impact is self-evident, so there is no need for a clich├ęd representation of the problem. Don’t be rebellious either, that scares policymakers, but do keep pushing boundaries. Don’t be too formal or heavily personalized, but remain accessible. Averse to sensational content but also no strict academic reporting.

These choices have turned a diffuse brand into one that really has an impact. We are still warm about it.

You build a strong brand by making clear choices about what the brand is and is not


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