Matthijs Tammes

Matthijs Tammes

Account Director & Project Director

Role and background

Within Mattmo Creative I mainly take on the roles of project and account management. I manage the annual report projects in terms of process and technology. And last but not least, I oversee the further development of ART, our Advanced Reporting Tool.

My education includes TU Delft and the Master program Brand Management at the EURIB (European Institute for Brand Management). After working at NMB (later ING), Monique and I founded Mattmo in 1993. Initially, Monique was involved in the creation of concepts and designs and I took care of the account and project management side of the company. I think our success was largely due to our differences in background, network and expertise, so we complemented each other. In more than 20 years, Mattmo has developed into a full-service strategic brand communication and design agency.

Personal information

I was born and raised in The Hague and still live there. Wonderfully located in the center of the city, close to all restaurants and cafes. At the weekend I go racing cycling with my friend and coach my daughter’s hockey team.

Are designers and concept creators usually from the inside out; I’m more of an from-the-outside-in man, always making sure I’m up to date with current events in the business world and financial markets. No surprise that my strengths lie mainly on the business side of our creative organization. I am aware of how small and corporate organizations operate, which is why I sense what customers need in projects – sometimes even if they don’t see this yet. I am also a sparring partner for everything related to strategy at Mattmo. Thinking with a critical eye, ensuring that there are no gaps and thus adding value and strengthening strategic plans.

At the same time, I understand graphic and technical designers. I also enjoy directing them, providing counterbalance and occasionally giving them a reality check, because I understand how they think.

In that respect, Mattmo is a fantastic company, where we have created and continue to create beautiful projects over the years.