SRO gets people moving

SRO gets people moving

SRO offers the total solution for municipal real estate. They offer sustainable management and maintenance, operation and sports services for optimal social returns.

Through sports stimulation, she also contributes to a healthy lifestyle and an active environment. Over the next four years, Mattmo will serve as a strategic communications partner, focusing on implementing the comprehensive marketing and communications plan and executing the recruitment campaign strategy that we have developed collaboratively to support their organizational objectives. SRO has the potential to help solve major social issues through their real estate activities. The refined positioning sets the stage for a strategic transformation, evolving the organization from a traditional real estate management firm to a dynamic, impact-driven partner that collaborates with municipalities to drive meaningful change and create thriving communities. Through their innovative approach, the organization goes beyond merely enhancing the sustainability of real estate properties; they actively contribute to the achievement of municipal climate goals, foster social sustainability initiatives, and promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles within the communities they serve. To commemorate the milestone of SRO’s 25th anniversary, a specially designed jubilee logo will be prominently featured across nearly all communication channels throughout the year, ensuring that this momentous occasion is celebrated and recognized by stakeholders, partners, and the wider community. Changes made:

With a rich history spanning 30 years, Mattmo has established itself as a purpose-driven design and communication agency, consistently demonstrating unwavering commitment to crafting impactful solutions that resonate with clients and their audiences.

At our core, we are a multifaceted team of visionary concept thinkers, innovative developers, creative designers, insightful consultants, and passionate creators, all united by an inherent spirit of exploration that drives us to push boundaries and uncover groundbreaking solutions. Our curiosity drives us to explore and push the boundaries of what is possible in our pursuit of innovation and transformative solutions. Driven by our curiosity, we are always on the lookout for new inspiration and ideas that can help us innovate and improve the solutions we provide to our clients. Because that’s where the opportunities lie. In these times of rapid change and boundless potential, it is crucial to have faith in the power of innovative solutions born from the synergy of talent, creativity, openness, perseverance, and experience. Through a combination of critical thinking and a keen understanding of societal sentiments, we help you effectively communicate the unique story behind your brand to your target audience. In today’s landscape, relevance, authenticity, and non-financial values have taken on unprecedented importance, playing a crucial role in how brands connect with their audience and establish lasting relationships. – –

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