Sometimes you have to take the initiative to make something special.

Creativity brings about change when you think in terms of connections.

At Mattmo we strongly believe in the power of our own concept development. For more than 30 years we have been involved in projects that we initiate not only for customers, but also ourselves. This approach has helped us acquire a unique position in the landscape of strategic communication and design.

Creativity as a Force for Change

At Mattmo we see creativity as a driving force for change. Our involvement in self-initiated projects enables us to proactively contribute to social and environmental emergencies. For example, Dutch Cuisine was set up and led for eight years to draw attention to the challenges in the food transition. We believe that by taking the initiative ourselves, we can inspire others and actually make an impact.

Integrated and Chain Thinking

We approach every project from a holistic perspective. This means that we look beyond the immediate assignment and consider the broader context and coherence. This chain thinking enables us to design solutions that are not only visually attractive, but also functional and sustainable. By developing concepts ourselves, we maintain control over the process and can fully integrate our vision and values ​​into every project.

Independence and Pioneering Spirit

Independence is a core value of Mattmo. This independence allows us to pioneer and explore innovative solutions without external constraints. From the very beginning, when we worked with Philips Interactive Media, we have always looked for new ways to integrate technology and design. This pioneering spirit drives us to constantly explore new paths and challenge ourselves and our customers.

Balance between Customer Work and Self-Initiatives

We believe that the balance between client work and self-initiatives is essential to our growth and innovation. Self-initiated projects give us the space to experiment and develop new ideas. These projects fuel our creative process and enrich our expertise, which ultimately benefits our customers.

Impact and value creation

Bij Mattmo streven we ernaar om niet alleen economische, maar ook sociale en ecologische waarde te creëren. Onze projecten zoals Dutch Cuisine en gebiedsontwikkelingen laten zien hoe we systeemdenken toepassen om bewegingen te creëren en duurzame veranderingen te bevorderen. We zetten ons daarom graag in voor projecten die impact hebben op het klimaat, de gezondheid en de samenleving als geheel.

Culture of curiosity

Our way of doing things is based on a continuous search for knowledge and understanding. By developing concepts ourselves, we can conduct in-depth research and gain new insights. This fuels our creativity and allows us to provide innovative solutions that go beyond conventional approaches.

This makes us special

At Mattmo we believe that by developing and developing concepts ourselves, we can not only unleash our creativity, but also make a lasting, positive impact on the world around us. This is why we proudly continue to invest in our own projects and why we continue to strive for change through creativity.

Who doesn’t want to have a positive impact on the world? We all need to rest sometimes. But not instilling in you the need to make a difference, and asserting it is not an option. Creating makes us happy.

Ontdek hoe Concepts uw visie kan versterken en uw projecten naar nieuwe hoogten kan tillen. Verken onze diensten en laat uw creatieve reis beginnen.